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COVID Catch-Up
Accelerator Program

Don’t just catch up — get ahead this summer

This year has been challenging for parents and
kids alike. Is your child falling behind?  

Use this summer to close the gap — and
level up — their English or Math to
prepare for next school year.

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Level Up — And Have Fun

Teachers and kids alike have struggled to adapt to new learning formats required by the pandemic, resulting in learning loss for many students. Your kids are burned out, stressed out, and let’s face it – so are you. You both deserve an easy, fun way to regain the academic success lost this year.  

Our personalized, interactive, and fun online summer program will help your child level up in reading, writing, math, and critical thinking. They’ll be excited to learn again!

  • Personalized learning plan
  • Passionate teachers
  • Small, weekly live online classes 
  • Convenient to your schedule 
  • Game-based learning

How Does It Work?

Our Welcome Guide will walk you through the process to determine what your child needs help with and how to best help them reach their full potential.


Schedule & Take Our FREE Assessment

Schedule your online assessment in Math and English with our Welcome Guide — no payment or obligation required.


Results Consultation

Immediately after the assessment, we will walk you through your child's results and discuss which COVID Accelerator program can help guide them to the next level!


Enroll in Class!

Start your fun, interactive 3-month program led by our dedicated teachers to help your child catch up and level up before next year.

Our online COVID Catch-Up Accelerator programs are designed with different levels of support, based on your child's needs. Whether they are a little behind, or need more accelerated learning this summer, we have a program to give them the time and dedication needed to get them back on track.


Level A

One class per week per subject for 3 months


Level B

Two classes per week per subject for 3 months


Level C

Three classes per week per subject for 3 months



Get back on track – and even ahead

Our COVID Catch-Up Accelerator program features a unique blend of student-focused interactions with dedicated teachers, powered with technology built to support their learning and ongoing progress. Give your student the edge they need to thrive in this uncertain time.

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